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Prepaid Solutions

Attract more customers and make transactions easy to manage. Prepaid solutions integrate seamlessly into any operation to create incentives for consumers while making them feel valued, and are backed by 24-hour service & support. Whether you're creating a rewards program, issuing gift cards or promoting your brand, prepaid solutions are a profitable alternative for your business.

Prepaid Solutions

Whether you're creating a rewards program, issuing gift cards or promoting your brand, prepaid solutions are a profitable alternative for your business.

Features & Benefits
  • Stand-in processing:

    continues processing even when the host is unavailable. When the system is back on-line, your information will be updated.

  • Adaptability:

    integrates with your existing payment solutions and is adaptable to new features and devices.

  • Versatility & customizability:

    supports multiple host types, protocols, proprietary platforms, messaging formats; works with multiple applications, and both current & legacy ATMs.

  • Reliability:

    designed for heavy transaction loads

  • Convenience:

    web-based management tools & graphical analyses

  • Control:

    owner-defined access levels

  • Awareness:

    customizable troubleshooting alert system

  • Service and Support:

    Industry leading service and support team, ready to help, anytime!

Create Incentives

It's important to create incentives for your customers; you have great products and excellent service, but providing a bargain can be the best way to expose yourself to potential clients and reinforce relationships with existing ones.

Prepaid solutions create enjoyable experiences that foster a deeper relationship between consumer and brand; loyalty programs reward faithful clients with store credit and discounted merchandise, while gift cards create a way for brand enthusiasts to spread your business to family and friends.

Give back to your clients, and they'll give back to you. Rewarding loyal customers can be the difference between people talking about your business, or preferring not to. If you want to create new and stronger client relationships, contact us about prepaid solutions today.

Loyalty Programs

Repeat customers and increased revenue.

Loyalty programs are ideal for driving sales and building brand trust with customers. This payment system allows you to issue your clients a customized rewards card and membership, with which they are free to make purchases.

Customers can earn discounts on goods, or points towards future purchases; the choice is yours. In place of cash, loyalty programs expose your brand, and allow you to observe the shopping habits of your clients.

TNS will help you choose and implement your own custom loyalty program, making sure that it meets all your specific needs. If you're looking for a prepaid solution that can improve sales and customer relations, implement a loyalty program now.

Gift Cards

More sales, more customers, more business.

Create convenience and boost revenue by offering customers an additional, alternative way to make their purchases. This payment solution provides pre-loaded cards that are equivalent to cash and specific to your brand.

Customers simply purchase a card with a specified amount of money, and the recipient's future purchases are debited accordingly. Unlike cash & credit, gift cards increase the speed of checkout, promote your brand, and are only redeemable by you.

TNS has everything in place to help you create a gift card program that fits seamlessly with your operation. If you're in need of a prepaid solution that promotes your business while driving sales, sign up for a gift card program today.


Increase profits and keep your clients satisfied. WEBMON is a secure web-based monitoring & management tool that helps you control your prepaid units from the office, or through any wireless device anywhere, anytime.

Get the real-time status of any group of prepaid devices or any one unit in particular, as well as customized reports on your transactions. No matter the situation, WEBMON provides you with control and your customers with service.

WEBMON features:
  • Up to the minute ATM monitoring
  • Real-time display of Cash Positions
  • View Terminal Status on any smartphone device
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Maximize uptime


More access for businesses and flexible integration for any operation. TNS provides its clients with an ideal tool for all your prepaid initiatives.

Give your customers more choice by connecting to all major networks through TNS payment processing solutions. We make it easy to accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and many others.

Connect to all major banking platforms and integrate them into your system without disrupting your operations. Whatever your protocol, platform, application, or device, we make it a smooth transition.


We have the answer to your questions, 24/7.

Need help? Either sign in through the Web-based client portal, or dial our telephone support line.

TNS takes pride in providing fast, friendly service for prepaid solutions. We are always here to help you find the answers you need.

Client Portal

As an existing customer of TNS, you can log into the client portal and submit a service request. An e-mail will be sent to you documenting your request and confirming that a technician will help you as soon as possible. You will be notified of any updates through e-mail.

Telephone support. Call us at: 1-877-332-1060

Prefer to use the phone? Simply dial our support line and speak with our friendly technical support representatives. All of our agents are fully qualified to answer your questions and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

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