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Payment Processing

Complete transaction services on a faster, safer network. TNS payment systems provide everything you need for secure financial processing and easy portfolio management. Whether you are building a new network, or expanding your existing one, TNS has the software, hardware and support to make it easier and more effective.

Payment Processing

Safe, fast and reliable processing, on the best network. Manage accounts simply, monitor and control your machines with ease, and experience the convenience that the TNS Smart Network provides you and your valued clients.

Features & Benefits
  • Stand-in processing:

    continues processing even when the host is unavailable. When the system is back on-line, your information will be updated.

  • Adaptability:

    integrates with your existing payment solutions and is adaptable to new features and devices.

  • Versatility & customizability:

    supports multiple host types, protocols, proprietary platforms, messaging formats; works with multiple applications, and both current & legacy ATMs.

  • Reliability:

    designed for heavy transaction loads

  • Convenience:

    web-based management tools & graphical analyses

  • Control:

    owner-defined access levels

  • Awareness:

    customizable troubleshooting alert system

  • Service and Support:

    Industry leading service and support team, ready to help, anytime!

TNS Certified ATM's

Below is the EMV certification list and status of each network certification within the TNS Smart Network. Please note that ALL units listed as certified can be installed on the TNS Smart Network and process EMV transactions with the corresponding networks today!

Nautilus Hyosung
Chungho Canada
Wincor Nexdorf
  • Model


    Triton RL1600 2.4.2
    Triton RL2000 2.4.2
    Triton RL5000 2.4.2
    Triton FT5000 2.4.2
    Triton 9100 Mono KAT-9976.04
    Triton 9100 Color KAT-9976.04
    Triton 9700 ZAT-0076.01
    Triton 8100 Mono KAT-9976.04
    Triton 8100 Color KAT-9976.04
    Triton 9600 Mono XAT-8876.01
    Triton 9600 Color XAT-8976.01
  • Model


    Hantle 1700W 03.00.01.W
  • Model


    Easypoint 3600 v04.26.06
    Easypoint 3400 v04.26.06
    Easypoint 3300 v04.26.06
    Easypoint 3100 v04.26.06
  • Model


    Nautilus Hyosung
    Hyosung 1500 POS v21.21.19
    Hyosung 1800 POS v31.21.19
    Hyosung 1800 CE v01.04.09
    Hyosung 1800 SE v.06.00.12
    Hyosung 5000 CE v.01.04.09
    Hyosung 2700 CE v.06.00.12
  • Model


    Chungho Canada
    Extremo 7K Series CN7K-CE V2.00A
  • Model


    Wincor Nexdorf
    Wincor PRO CASH 1500 CPS v1.0.0
    Slim Cash CPS v.1.0.0

For Gaming

Utilizing the latest technology in financial services, TNS is the future of cash access.

TNS provides exceptional ATM and cash advance solutions to the casino and gaming industry. Through our partnerships and relationships, we work with you on every aspect of the process, from the device and user experience to the national and world-wide banking networks. Our fully integrated solution enables flexibility, accountability and reliability in providing world-class solutions to your world-class operation.

EMV Security

Successful payment processing requires secure transactions at all times. EMV solutions have significantly reduced fraud and helped many financial institutions avoid declined transactions.

For the last several years, NRT has worked hard to upgrade its processing platform and maximize card security. Whether you want to modify existing units to be EMV compliant, or upgrade your current ABM solution entirely, TNS can help bring you up to speed.

EMV is quickly becoming the standard for secure transaction processing throughout the world. In Europe, account holders and merchants have been held responsible for fraud involving ATMs that are not EMV compliant. Stay ahead of the curve and avoid future penalties by adopting this standard immediately.

Maximize profits and keep your clients satisfied. WEBMON is a secure web-based monitoring & management tool that helps payment processors complete transactions from the office, or through any wireless device anywhere, anytime.

Get the real-time status of any group of ATMs or any one individual unit, as well as customized reports on your transactions. No matter the situation, WEBMON provides you with control and your customers with service.

WEBMON features:
  • Up to the minute ATM monitoring
  • Real-time display of Cash Positions
  • View Terminal Status on any smartphone device
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Maximize uptime


More access for payment processors and flexible integration for any system. TNS provides its clients with an ideal tool for all their global transaction initiatives.

Give your customers more choice by connecting to all major networks through TNS payment processing solutions. We make it easy to accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and many others.

Connect to all major banking platforms and integrate them into your system without disrupting your operations. Whatever your protocol, platform, application, or device, we make it a smooth transitions.

Dynamic Currency Conversion(DCC)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is the latest enhancement to the TNS offering. DCC works for you and the cardholders that use your network by creating a win/win on both sides of the transaction. Leverage DCC to enhance the cardholder's experience in your facility while creating new revenue opportunities for your organization.

  • In-depth experience in cash-handling, support and financial infrastructure
  • 24-hour coverage for your terminals
  • Direct access to foreign exchange pricing and hedging expertise - allowing you to maximize opportunities through every transaction
  • Seamless on-boarding and ongoing post-implementation support

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